Privacy Policy

Your personal information will be collected and held by BNY Mellon Fund Managers Limited (BNYMFM). BNYMFM acts at the authorised corporate director of BNY Mellon Investment Funds, BNY Mellon Managed Funds I and BNY Mellon Managed Funds II and as the manager of the Osprey Fund, BNY Mellon Charities Funds and the Newton SRI Fund for Charities (each a “Fund” and together the “Funds”). This notice provides a short summary of the purposes for which your personal information as provided through Investorzone and with respect to your shareholding or unitholding in a Fund (as relevant) is being used, shared and transferred by BNYMFM. Further information about how your personal information is collected, used and shared, the lawful basis on which such information is used and your associated legal rights is provided in The Bank of New York Mellon EMEA privacy statement, which is accessible at the ‘PRIVACY’ link on the BNY Mellon Investment Management website (www.bnymellonim.com). Please note that where reference is made in the full privacy statement to “BNY Mellon Data Subjects” that this will also include the collection of information about you if you are a shareholder / unitholder of, or prospective investor in, a Fund.

Your personal information will be used for the following purposes:

  • for the provision of financial services and the administration of your investment/s;
  • to confirm or update client records and to manage your relationship with us;
  • to carry out ‘know-your-customer checks’, anti-money laundering screening and other identity checks as required by law and to meet our regulatory obligations;
  • to conduct due diligence and to screen against sanctions lists;
  • for the prevention and detection of fraud and other crimes;
  • for compliance with legal, regulatory and tax obligations and guidance;
  • in connection with legal proceedings or for obtaining legal advice; and
  • to analyse the performance of IT systems, monitor usage of resources and systems and to improve products, services and the usability of technology and tools.

Your personal information may be shared within the BNY Mellon Group to: The Bank of New York Mellon (International) Limited (as the administrator for the Funds), BNY Mellon Investment Management EMEA Limited (as the global distributor and promoter of the Funds) and any sub-distributors it may have appointed within the BNY Mellon Group, BNY Mellon entities with whom you may have terms of business in support of your investment in the Company (e.g. a fee agreement that facilitates an alternative charging structure within a share or unit class), other or successor BNY Mellon service providers that may be appointed from time-to-time to provide services in connection with the Funds or otherwise as needed to help manage our business and deliver services.

Your personal information may be shared with selected third parties including the depositary to the Funds, the auditors to the Funds and to BNYMFM, legal and other professional advisers to the Funds and to BNYMFM, appropriate authorities (including, without limitation, any tax or regulatory authorities or relevant government departments), agencies and organisations working to prevent fraud in financial services or similar service providers and otherwise as needed to help manage our business and deliver services.

BNYMFM will transfer or store your personal information in other countries, including those outside Europe, under the protection of appropriate safeguards.