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From 25th January 2021, we will be changing the way you log into the site and using Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

What is 2FA:

• Also known as Multifactor Authentication or Dual Authentication, this is the process by where a user is authenticated by an extra factor when performing key activities online. i.e Log in, changing details, payment activities

• We are introducing 2FA to mitigate against password guessing and theft, including brute force attacks etc.

• For more industry information please see https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/guidance/multi-factor-authentication-online-services

What is changing by introducing 2FA:

• On first time login, you will be asked for a mobile number to register your second factor which will be sent to you via SMS

• Thereafter you will need to log in using username, password and an authentication token via SMS

• You will no longer be required to use your PIN or Personal Security questions to log in and therefore, these have been removed


Investorzone is a non advised service. We are not able to offer you advice on the suitability of our investment products.

Should you wish to contact a financial adviser please visit https://www.unbiased.co.uk/life/get-smart/financial-adviser.

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